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    Tennessee Premier Unified NEMT Provider

    Choose Unified Nemt Transport as Tennessee premier Unified NEMT provider, delivering exceptional transportation solutions with compassion and reliability.

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    Unified NEMT Transport Cares

    Unified NEMT Transportation is Tennessee premier provider of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services.

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    Committed to Your Safety and Comfort

    With a focus on safety and reliability, we offer ambulatory and wheelchair transportation across a wide range of areas.

Trusted by families throughout Grundy, Franklin, and Marion counties in Tennessee for non-emergency transportation needs.

Renowned as the foremost choice, we stand as the premier private pay provider for non-emergency transports in Grundy, Franklin, and Marion counties in Tennessee, holding the top position as the preferred option for our valued clients.

Personalized Care

Experience attentive one-on-one transports with room-to-room assistance from our friendly and compassionate staff, ensuring timely and compassionate service every step of the way.

Convenience & Accessibility

Enjoy direct-to-destination service, available to the public for appointments, discharges, and leisure, ensuring hassle-free accessibility whenever you need it.

Flexibility & Support

Benefit from our flexible options for both local and long-distance travel, including ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transports, ensuring comprehensive support for all your transportation needs.

Quick Tracking Service

Our Quick Tracking Service empowers you to effortlessly monitor your loved one's journey in real-time. Upon registering for our service, you'll receive a unique tracking number. Simply enter this tracking number into our app, and you'll gain instant access to comprehensive updates on your loved one's transportation status, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Please enter the tracking number provided upon registration to access real-time updates on your loved one's transportation journey.

Wheelchair Transport

Safe and Comfortable Mobility Solutions for Every Journey

Stretcher Transport

Specialized Care for Bedbound Patients, Ensuring Comfort and Security

Ambulatory Transportation

Assisted Mobility with Dignity, Catering to Every Individual's Needs

Leisure Trips

Enjoyable Outings with Reliable and Convenient Transportation Options

Wheelchair Transport

Safe and Comfortable Mobility Solutions for Every Journey

Safe and reliable non-emergency medical transport services tailored for individuals with mobility challenges. Our specially trained Transport Technicians ensure comfortable and secure bedside-to-doctor journeys, certified in CPR, First Aid, and Defensive Driving. Experience seamless transportation designed around your needs. Whether it's local or long-distance transfers, healthcare transitions, appointments, or leisure outings, we've got you covered. Our specialized bariatric accommodations ensure comfort for all, while our supportive assistance makes transfers effortless. Enjoy leisure activities with ease, knowing you're in caring hands every step of the way.

Stretcher Transport

Specialized Care for Bedbound Patients, Ensuring Comfort and Security

Our non-emergency stretcher service offers specialized care for individuals who are bed-bound or require added comfort during transportation. With licensed and trained professionals, we provide bedside-to-doctor transfers, ensuring comfort and safety throughout the journey. From local trips to long-distance transports, we cater to various needs, including bariatric accommodations and leisure outingsHaving extensive experience over numerous years, we prioritize cost-effectiveness and reliability, offering significant savings compared to ambulances. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, equipped with ADA-compliant vehicles and specialized stretchers for utmost comfort.

Ambulatory Transport

Assisted Mobility with Dignity, Catering to Every Individual's Needs

Our non-emergency ambulatory service is tailored for individuals needing assistance or monitoring during transport. From bedside-to-doctor trips to local and long-distance transports, our specially trained professionals ensure comfort and safety throughout the journey. Whether walking independently, with a cane, or assisted by a walker, our compassionate drivers offer personalized care and oversight. .Additionally, we provide leisure transports for various recreational and convenience purposes, ensuring hassle-free transportation for all your needs.

Leisure Trips

Traveling in Comfort and Style, Tailored to Your Relaxation Needs

Enjoy top-quality transportation for all your non-medical needs with us. Our leisure trips offer comfort and convenience, whether it's for fun outings, events, or simply getting from place to place. As a private-pay customer, you have the flexibility to arrange transportation directly, ensuring personalized service tailored to your preferences. From church gatherings to airport transfers and everything in between, we're here to make your journey smooth and enjoyable. Contact us for leisure trips to popular Grundy, Franklin, and Marion counties in Tennessee venues or any destination of your choice.

Why choose us

What Makes Us Different

  • Experience Personalized Attention
  • Get Where You Need to Be Directly and on Time
  • Trust Our Compassionate and Supportive Team
  • Inclusive Services for Everyone
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind Throughout Your Journey
Why customers love us

Experience Personalized Attention

We believe in a one-on-one approach. You won't be just another passenger on our schedule. Our dedicated care team gets to know your unique needs and preferences, whether it's ensuring a smooth transition from your bedside to the doctor's office or providing extra assistance getting comfortable in our vehicles. Our attentive drivers are more than chauffeurs; they're trained professionals who go the extra mile to make your journey safe, comfortable, and stress-free

Why customers love us

Get Where You Need to Be Directly and on Time

We understand the importance of punctuality and efficiency. You won't have to worry about unnecessary stops or detours. We'll plan the most efficient route and get you directly to your destination on time, whether it's a local doctor's appointment, a long-distance discharge from a facility, or a fun leisure outing. We value your time and ensure you arrive feeling relaxed and prepared for your next step.

Why customers love us

Trust Our Compassionate and Supportive Team

Our staff isn't just friendly and helpful; they're genuinely compassionate about providing exceptional care. Our watchful and responsive team members are trained to address your needs with sensitivity and understanding, from assisting with mobility challenges to simply offering a kind word. We know that non-emergency medical or leisure transportation can sometimes be stressful, so we strive to create a supportive atmosphere where you feel safe and at ease.

Why customers love us

Inclusive Services for Everyone

We believe in providing accessible and inclusive transportation for all. No matter your mobility needs, we have the right solution for you. Whether you're ambulatory and require some assistance, use a wheelchair, or need the comfort and security of a stretcher transport, we have trained professionals and specialized vehicles to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. We're committed to removing barriers and empowering everyone to participate in life's activities.

Why customers love us

Enjoy Peace of Mind Throughout Your Journey

At Unified NEMT Transport, we understand that peace of mind is paramount. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your experience is positive. Our timely and compassionate care means you can focus on yourself or your loved one's well-being, knowing you're in capable hands. We provide clear communication, answer your questions honestly, and address any concerns with empathy and professionalism. Choose us for a journey that's not just efficient and comfortable, but also filled with understanding, respect, and genuine care.

Discover the Difference

Your Journey Starts with Unified NEMT Transport

Discover more about our comprehensive transportation services. Learn how we provide personalized attention, efficient transfers, and compassionate care to our passengers. From testimonials to behind-the-scenes footage, our videos offer insight into what sets Unified NEMT Transport apart. Whether you're interested in ambulatory, wheelchair, or stretcher transport, our videos showcase the dedication and professionalism of our team. Join us on a virtual journey to discover why Unified NEMT Transport is the trusted choice for non-emergency medical transportation.

About Us

About Us

Our Service

Our Service

Reserve a Ride

Reserve a Ride

Unified NEMT Transport is dedicated to driving innovation in our industry. We actively participate in networks like the International Data Space Association (IDG) to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends. Through our commitment to innovation, we aim to revolutionize the transportation experience for our customers and propel our industry forward

Know us more

More About Us

At Unified NEMT Transport, we are dedicated to ensuring that individuals in Grundy, Franklin, and Marion counties in Tennessee and nearby areas have access to dependable non-emergency medical transportation services. Our mission is simple: to get you from Point A to Point B safely, on-time, and with no hassle. With a focus on superior service, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers in every interaction.

Our team of professionals at Unified NEMPT Transport works tirelessly to forge a personal connection with each individual patient. We understand that every person's transportation needs are unique, which is why we tailor our services to your specific requirements. Whether you require ambulatory or wheelchair transportation, you can trust us to coordinate a comprehensive package that meets your needs with care and attention to detail.

we are an advanced company

Your Caring Journey Starts Here

  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: Utilizing Innovative Technology We leverage AI and smart routing for efficient trips, getting you there on time, every time.
  • Personalized Care: Tailored to Your NeedsOur dedicated team caters to your specific needs, whether ambulatory, wheelchair, or stretcher transport. Relax and enjoy the ride, from doctor's appointments to fun outings.
  • Precision and Reliability: Ensuring 100% AccuracyCount on us for on-time pickups, seamless transfers, and flawless execution. Experience peace of mind knowing you're in good hands.
One of our other solutions

Unified Executive Cab

Unified Executive Cab is a premier transportation solution akin to Uber, offering top-notch services tailored specifically for executive clientele. Our platform provides seamless access to luxury rides with professional drivers, ensuring a comfortable and reliable experience for all passengers.

Airport Transfers

Arrive at the airport relaxed and avoid the hassle of parking. We'll be waiting for you and deliver you straight to your terminal.

Corporate Transportation

Make a lasting impression with our professional car service for meetings, events, and client visits.

Special Occasions

Celebrate in style with our luxurious rides for weddings, anniversaries, and other special moments.

By-the-Hour Service

Enjoy the flexibility of booking a driver for your entire day, perfect for errands, sightseeing, or extended meetings.

Roadshow & Event Support

Imagine a dedicated driver and vehicle ensuring your multi-city tour or conference runs smoothly and on time. Relax knowing logistics and itinerary changes are handled seamlessly, while on-board Wi-Fi and charging stations keep you connected and productive.

Personal Assistant Service:

Need to delegate errands, appointments, or deliveries? Your chauffeur becomes your trusted assistant, handling tasks like queuing, pickups, and reservations, so you can focus on what matters most. Their local knowledge and recommendations add an extra layer of convenience and insight to your experience.

More than just a ride, Unified Executive Cab offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the discerning professional. Contact Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

6am - 8pm, 7 days a week (but with notice, we can schedule just about any trip, any day, any where). Complete our online Trip Request Form or call our Primary Dispatch number to get an accurate quote and make sure we can work you into our schedule

Why should I choose Unified Nemt Transport?

As we embark on our journey at Unified NEMT Transport, we understand the importance of building trust from the ground up. While we may not have a customer base yet, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We're dedicated to providing exceptional service from day one, ensuring that every interaction reflects our values of reliability, compassion, and professionalism. As we begin this chapter, we're excited to earn the trust and loyalty of our future customers through our unparalleled dedication to their needs

Who all uses your services?

Patients and residents in Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospices, Rehabilitation Centers, and In-Home Care Services as well as Private-Pay individuals all use Unified Nemt Transport as a safe, cost effective method to transport their residents, patients and clients. We handle admits, discharges, doctor appointments, dialysis, chemo, relocations as well as family events. If your facility uses some other provider, ask them (Case Workers, Social Services, DONs) about using Unified Nemt Transport.

What types of transportation do you provide?

Ambulatory (can walk alone, with cane or walker) • Wheelchair (yours or we can provide, includes high-back, geri-chairs, electric, hover-rounds) • Stretcher (non-medical, invalid, bed-bound, can't sit up, needs comfort, long-distance)

What they say

Client’s Testimonial

Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and share the benefits with
our customers. It permeates the way we do business, driving us to innovate.

  • Williams Oshiomebo is the epitome of professionalism and reliability in the transportation realm. As someone who has witnessed his unwavering dedication and attention to detail firsthand, I have complete confidence in his ability to excel in the NEMT sector. With Williams at the helm, clients can rest assured that they will receive top-notch service that goes above and beyond expectations. His passion for ensuring the safety and comfort of every passenger sets him apart as a leader in the industry.

    Joel Idon
    CEO, Triumph Care LLC
  • Having known Williams Oshiomebo for many years in the transportation industry, I can confidently say that his expertise and commitment to excellence are unparalleled. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional service in various transportation sectors across the USA, I have no doubt that Williams will excel in the field of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) as well. His dedication to providing safe, reliable, and compassionate service makes him the ideal choice for anyone seeking transportation

    Sam Sesin
    CEO, SparkIntelligence

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Choosing Unified Executive Cab for my transportation needs was one of the best decisions I've made. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction are unparalleled. The drivers are always punctual, the vehicles are clean and comfortable, and the service is consistently top-notch. Whether I'm heading to a business meeting or a social event, I can rely on Unified Executive Cab to get me there safely and on time. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable transportation service